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For the Tuesday Talk, we usually set up the theater as follows:
Main speaker has a wireless headset microphone.
We have two wireless handheld mics that we use for questions for the audience

We use a rear projection with the screen central on stage.

The speaker can place their computer on the podium so that they are facing the audience and able to see the computer screen. Computer is connected to the projector via HDMI cable.

The above is the simple version and works well for most situations, however-......

If there is more than one speaker, or if the main speaker is not comfortable with a headset mic, we can use a wired microphone instead, or make alternative arrangements.

If you are showing a video with audio, please tell us in advance as we need to set up slightly differently. Make sure you have downloaded the video. DO NOT rely on showing it from YouTube or any other on line service as we cannot guarantee that the WiFi will be fast enough - there could easily be 100 people using the WiFi just when you want to show your video. Also, make sure your computer will play the video!

After some years of experience with these talks, we know that issues can arise!
If you are using a PC Laptop running Windows, and there is an HDMI connector, it is straightforward. If instead of HDMI you have a VGA connector, that's OK, we have the adaptors for that.
If you are running a different OS, please make sure you can set it for an external monitor or projector.
If you have an Apple device it is not always so easy. Apple usually do not have an HDMI output, instead there is one of several kinds of display port. If you have an Apple device, please make sure you have an adaptor for it to connect to an HDMI cable. We have found that for some reason, some Apple devices do not recognize our projector, so bring a backup as below.
It is always best to have a backup! Put your presentation on a USB stick - worst case, we can use an alternative computer. If your presentation is on Apple or using something other than Powerpoint, convert it for the backup. If you use Keynote, export the presentation as Powerpoint for the backup, then we know we can play it on our computer if necessary.

Bring your power supply, even if you know your battery is good - be prepared for anything. Set your computer power so that it does not turn off if you don't change a slide for 5 minutes.

Talk to us.

If you have any doubts about any technical aspect of your talk, do not hesitate to let us know. This includes any special requirements. If you do not fit in the simplest solutions above, or need anything special on stage, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as far in advance as you can.