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Shelterbox disaster response

Dave Nichols - Shelterbox

Disaster response team volunteer shares his experiences with disasters and talks about preparedness living in an earthquake zone

Event Date 06-08-2023 11:00 am
Capacity 60
Registered 24
Available Place 36
Individual Price We ask for a $2 donation to the library

Heliconias - Carla Black

Carla Black - Heliconias

Learn about varieties, growing them and her upcoming annual Open Day

Event Date 06-15-2023 11:00 am
Capacity 60
Registered 7
Available Place 53
Individual Price We ask for a $2 donation to the library

Snakes of Chiriqui

Mike Hill
How to identify the local snakes, and What you should do if bitten by one.

Event Date 06-22-2023 11:00 am
Capacity 60
Registered 20
Available Place 40
Individual Price Free