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The board members of BCP:


 Patrick Allen Reynolds (President)



After 40 plus years in the entertainment/ film industry – beginning with training at The Second City in Chicago – the decision was made to escape the Hollywood rat race and come to this small mountain town in Panama and live the good life.

In the 6 years he’s been here, Patrick created the Boquete Video Festival and the Olde Timey Radio Show, which became the Good Timey Music Revue, and participated in stage productions including The Play That Goes Wrong and The Red Plaid Shirt.

Currently, he is serving as president of Boquete Photografia photo club.

“We’re not here to retire, we’re here to rewire!”

Sharon Benzil ( Secretary)


Denese A Rodgers (Treasurer)


Gabrielle Reynolds (Artistic Director)


Raised in Southern California and Toronto, Canada, Gabrielle became an actor, dancer, director, and swordsmith for stage early on and still hankers for performance. Luckily Boquete occasionally indulges these hankerings. If the right part doesn’t exist she has a tendency to write it. She has been given three different theatre companies at various points in her life, including serving as Artistic Director of BCP, and enjoys sharing the stage with and encouraging new performers.
Since arriving in Boquete at the end of 2015, she has appeared in The Play That Goes Wrong, Red Plaid Shirt, and The Dixie Swim Club, which she also directed, as well as most of the Olde Timey Radio and Good Timey Music shows.

In a past life she worked for Walt Disney Imagineering, coordinating Music and Casting, responsible for any score or voice talent that went before a microphone for the Disney theme parks worldwide.

Currently president of Boquete Authors Group Gabrielle is a devotee of National Novel Writing Month, and has seven novels, three screenplays, six stage plays and some lengthy short stories – all in various stages of development.


Christopher Minori

cminori auth photo


 Christopher Minori has always been a strange person. He claims he is just as God made him, although why God chose to add a vestigial tail is a mystery. Minori has displayed many different talents, including being an unemployed actor, unsuccessful director, frustrated writer, and scantily clad car wash employee (on weekends). Minori is the creator and co-author of the cult hit play, The Texas Chainsaw Musical!, which has been produced in repertory theaters around the United States and was hailed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer as one of the top ten shows of 2012. He is also the author of the novels, Dirty Little Secrets, Little Idiots, Stealing Destiny, and is a featured author in the Doctor Who Anthology, Children of Time. In the “real” world, Minori is employed by a major network security company with poor hiring practices.
Minori lives in Boquete, Panama, with his wife, Brandy. She continues to tolerate his behavior.


 Phil Bennett



Originally from UK, Phil has traveled extensively and lived in many different countries - and now doesn't want to move anywhere else away from Boquete.
Trained as an engineer in broadcast TV, and then working for major international electronics companies, Phil has had many different roles in Technical Support, Sales and Marketing and been involved in many types of audio/visual presentations.
He also became involved in technical aspects of amateur theatrical and musical productions and for the past 5 years has been involved with BCP productions as well as the Tuesday Talks (Now Community Chats)





 Council members can be contacted through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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